WordCamp Victoria 2013

January 12th 2013 is the date for next year’s WordCamp Victoria.

I’m a big fan of WordPress and I’ve benefited greatly from local events such as the Vancouver WordPress group and Vancouver WordCamp. I’m also a big fan of Victoria and, not having had a pint in The Swan (or The Bent Mast for that […]

WordCamp Vancouver 2012 – What Did I Learn?

Another great event & I learnt lots of great stuff.

Probably the most interesting talk of the day, for me, was Zack Tollman’s talk about cache invalidation schemes. Yeah… hard-core, that’s me 🙂

The talk was, obviously enough, very technical and right up my alley. I already knew there was a caching mechanism built into […]

Preventable says “Be careful out there on Halloween”

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been watching with interest Raul‘s tweets about Preventable (‘The Community Against Preventable Injuries’ – a non-profit aimed at reducing the number of preventable injuries in BC).

I love what they’re doing… the idea that so many injuries are ‘accidents’ that just happen is rubbish and has annoyed me […]

Barcamp Vancouver – what did we achieve?

(OK, a bit of sensationalism here, but…)

Last weekend’s Vancouver Barcamp was my second and I enjoyed it even more than the previous year’s event. I know I’m not alone – all the comments I’ve seen have been positive. But what has it achieved? I’m intrigued to find out about things that people learnt during […]

Free Geek

So it took rather longer than anticipated but I finally got to pay a visit to Free Geek Vancouver at the weekend for my introductory volunteer training session (and also to donate a trunk full of unwanted hardware of my own).

First impressions? Besides the rather unsavory neighbourhood (two blocks North of Hastings, just East […]