Facebook Places – how to turn it off

Earlier this week, Facebook announced their location sharing service “Facebook Places“. If you’re familiar with services like Foursquare and Gowalla then you’ll know what to expect here… when you’re out-and-about you ‘check-in’ at your destination – an action which lets your friends (and possibly other people) know where you are. Like a lot of social […]

Preventable says “Be careful out there on Halloween”

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been watching with interest Raul‘s tweets about Preventable (‘The Community Against Preventable Injuries’ – a non-profit aimed at reducing the number of preventable injuries in BC).

I love what they’re doing… the idea that so many injuries are ‘accidents’ that just happen is rubbish and has annoyed me […]

Tweetie, Apple and the cult of control

Tweetie on the iPhone

My friend Tyler over at www.tyleringram.com today reviewed Tweetie – a Twitter application for the iPhone. Tweetie looks good – I mean REALLY good. In fact it looks more functional than many of the desktop Twitter applications that I’ve tried.

Unfortunately today was not a good day for the developers […]

Twitter and Magpie

Twitter is an important part of my daily life, but not nearly as important as it is to my wife.

At the time of writing, I have under 30 followers, her twitter account at @juicybags has somewhere around 1800, and she tweets dozens of times a day. She tweets about the things she’s interested in […]