Where have I been?

Hmmm – where HAVE I been?

Well, the answer to that question is “right here!”. I guess the more accurate question is “what have I been doing?”.

One of the things I’ve been doing is restarting my homebrewing. It’s been going very well indeed – incredibly enjoyable work producing 4 batches of beer, 1 of […]

Toastmasters Contest Rules

Twice a year, Toastmasters turn their thoughts to contests. In September each club stages a Humorous Speech Contest and a Table Topics Contest with the club winners going on to compete in Area, Division and District competitions.

The organization required for these competitions can be quite daunting to newer members but it’s very important that […]

Table Topics – the debate

We had our Table Topics debate last night… and it rocked.

I was pretty depressed about it going into our meeting… I’d only had replies from two of our members and they’d both said “put me on whichever side you see fit”. They were just trying to make life easier for me but it rather […]

A different take on Table Topics

I am Table Topics Master at my Toastmasters club this week.

It’s a role I’ve done a dozen times before and the format is always the same: the Table Topics Master poses questions and invites members to come up and talk, spontaneously, on the topic for 1-2 minutes. Stuff like “my favorite vacation” or “how […]

BCIT Term Wrapup

A good term at BCIT this Spring. A very good term, both in terms (oh dear!) of course enjoyment and in terms of marks.

I took the 12 week ‘XML For Web Applications’ COMP2899 course downtown. My first course at the downtown campus – it’s really nice there: very modern and shiny. Course was also […]

Toastmasters catch-up

The end of the Toastmasters year is rapidly approaching and that probably makes this a good time to talk about where I am.

My club’s VP Education had to leave us a couple of months ago and I eagerly volunteered to step into her shoes. She’d been doing a fabulous job, especially with regard to […]

What else has been keeping me busy. Part 2.

Flashback time… cue the wibbly-wobbly screen effects…

I’ve been in Toastmasters for just over a year now and greatly enjoying it. When it came time to elect a new executive for my club, several of the more experienced members suggested quite strongly that I take the post of VP Education. Now something like that takes […]

Toastmasters tonight

I was supposed to be evaluating one of the prepared speeches but a couple of our speakers can’t make it so things have been changed around.

Instead I’m Table Topics Master. It’s an interesting role… you get to stand up and, to a certain extent, be the focus of attention… but on the other hand […]

Toastmasters – how to evaluate

So last week I gave my Toastmasters speech on the subject of speech evaluation (there’s a good way to put your evaluator on the spot!).

As usual I ran over time – I’m yet to completely compensate for the way the speech expands in length from my practising at home to when I give it […]


At last night’s Toastmasters meeting I was doing speech evaluation again. They really enjoy my evaluations so seem to slot me in to do one almost every week! It gets a touch embarrassing at times… they award ribbons for the best evaluator every week and probably 3/4 of the time it’s me! In fact the […]