Glitch and the LED sneakers – The Parts

First things first… what’s the final design going to look like? My plan was for 4 LEDs along the outside edge of each shoe – 2 red and 2 yellow to match the colours of the Glitch shoes. Then run wires up inside each leg of my jeans to the Lilypad and power supply mounted […]

Glitch and the LED Sneakers – Intro

I’ve been playing Tiny Speck‘s Glitch for the last six months. I don’t play much in the way of computer games these days – I don’t play MMOs and I run Linux so I don’t exactly have a bundle of games at my disposal, but Glitch is different. The game is a lot of fun, […]

Protecting Your Users’ Passwords – Part 2

Last week I showed you how NOT to store your users’ passwords in your database: the biggest sin of all is storing them as plaintext and the ‘false sense of security’ solution is to apply a hashing algorithm to them.

We saw that we can use a common hashing algorithm (the algorithm I used is […]

Protecting Your Users’ Passwords

I’m currently working on a PHP-based web site that stores member details – username, address, password etc in a database. Nothing unusual here… literally millions of web sites on the internet are doing exactly the same thing.

But password storage is a dangerous area. Every month we hear about a high-profile web site being hacked […]

Agile Vancouver: Trust and Team-Building

I went to a very interesting talk at Agile Vancouver last night and thought I’d share my notes. I love human psychology experiments and this was packed full of them. Combine that with software development and you’ve got a winner.

The talk was given by Linda Rising and titled “Who Do You Trust?”

Trust is […]