Adding AJAX to your WordPress Plugins

This weekend I’m giving a talk at WordCamp Victoria about using AJAX in WordPress. The talk uses a couple of code snippets to demonstrate creating a simple plugin that passes some data from the client to the server and then updates the web page using data sent back from the server. Here’s the code for […]

WordCamp Vancouver 2012 – What Did I Learn?

Another great event & I learnt lots of great stuff.

Probably the most interesting talk of the day, for me, was Zack Tollman’s talk about cache invalidation schemes. Yeah… hard-core, that’s me 🙂

The talk was, obviously enough, very technical and right up my alley. I already knew there was a caching mechanism built into […]

Adding an Admin User to Your WordPress Database

Ever locked yourself out of your WordPress installation? No, of course not – you always keep a secure copy of your passwords. But I had a situation last week where I needed to perform admin actions on a copy of a client’s site and only had non-administrative access.

I’d recommend strongly against hacking yourself an […]

Using The WordPress Settings API

So I’ve been writing WordPress plugins & widgets for people recently and having to produce administration pages in the dashboard. Using the WP Settings API makes this SO amazingly easy… you barely have to write any code or HTML at all.

Basically it comes down to just this…


Writing a Web App: Do Your Research

I still remember many a lunch spent with work colleagues during the early days of widespread internet adoption where we’d brain-storm a great new internet-related idea that would make us all millionaires. We’d come rushing back to our desks after lunch and immediately search to see if anybody had beaten us to the idea.

Invariably […]

Writing a Web App: The Idea

The best ideas for web applications are usually ones where you identify a need of your own – something that you personally want.

Something I’ve done ever since I first owned a car is to record my gas mileage – how many miles I get on each tankful and hence how many MPG (or l/100km) […]

Writing a Web Application

I’m going to write a new web application from scratch. Just for fun & with no intention of making my fortune from it (but it wouldn’t hurt if I did).

I’ll be writing it in PHP – possibly plain PHP or possibly using a framework. I’ve done some work in the past with the Zend […]

Where have I been?

Hmmm – where HAVE I been?

Well, the answer to that question is “right here!”. I guess the more accurate question is “what have I been doing?”.

One of the things I’ve been doing is restarting my homebrewing. It’s been going very well indeed – incredibly enjoyable work producing 4 batches of beer, 1 of […]

Protecting Your Users’ Passwords – Part 2

Last week I showed you how NOT to store your users’ passwords in your database: the biggest sin of all is storing them as plaintext and the ‘false sense of security’ solution is to apply a hashing algorithm to them.

We saw that we can use a common hashing algorithm (the algorithm I used is […]

Protecting Your Users’ Passwords

I’m currently working on a PHP-based web site that stores member details – username, address, password etc in a database. Nothing unusual here… literally millions of web sites on the internet are doing exactly the same thing.

But password storage is a dangerous area. Every month we hear about a high-profile web site being hacked […]