Vacuuming – Your Mum Was Right

Yes, it IS important to vacuum once in a while… who’d have guessed?

The first computers I ever built (and then disassembled and then rebuilt) never seemed to gather any dust. But over the last 5 years I’ve seen an increasing amount of dust gathering inside my computers’ cases. I have no idea why… it […]

On the subject of LCD monitors…

I mentioned LCD monitors… In my opinion, NCIX is the only place you should consider buying an LCD monitor.

In case you aren’t aware, let me educate you about LCD panels – the “screen” of your LCD monitor. The panel is made up of millions of tiny transistors – a red, a green and a […]

Another choice for computer parts

I’ve never thought of us as exactly over-flowing with choices for buying computer components here.

Sure, there’s a great little back-street parts shop every couple of miles, but their range is usually pretty limited and a lot of that is “we can order it for you and it’ll be here this afternoon”. But they are […]