Writing a Web App: Do Your Research

I still remember many a lunch spent with work colleagues during the early days of widespread internet adoption where we’d brain-storm a great new internet-related idea that would make us all millionaires. We’d come rushing back to our desks after lunch and immediately search to see if anybody had beaten us to the idea.

Invariably […]

Writing a Web App: The Idea

The best ideas for web applications are usually ones where you identify a need of your own – something that you personally want.

Something I’ve done ever since I first owned a car is to record my gas mileage – how many miles I get on each tankful and hence how many MPG (or l/100km) […]

Writing a Web Application

I’m going to write a new web application from scratch. Just for fun & with no intention of making my fortune from it (but it wouldn’t hurt if I did).

I’ll be writing it in PHP – possibly plain PHP or possibly using a framework. I’ve done some work in the past with the Zend […]