Glitch and the LED Sneakers – Final Code

I had a couple of sets of changes I needed to make to my test code.

Firstly I needed the ability to change the effects mode using the button. I originally added this by testing to see if the button was down, incrementing a global variable that I used for the mode, a switch statement […]

Glitch and the LED Sneakers – First Test

At this point I broke out the croc clips and the LEDs and started experimenting. Whenever you click ‘Upload’ in the Arduino IDE it compiles your current code, transfers it to your Lilypad, reboots the Lilypad and starts the code running – so the feedback loop for trying out ideas & seeing what works is […]

Glitch and the LED Sneakers – Hello World

So now it’s time to plug things together and start programming.

The Arduino development environment is super simple to work with. The tools are written in Java so they’re cross-platform. If you’re running Ubuntu then installation is simply a matter of visiting the Software Centre, typing in ‘Arduino’ and clicking the install button for the […]

Glitch and the LED sneakers – The Parts

First things first… what’s the final design going to look like? My plan was for 4 LEDs along the outside edge of each shoe – 2 red and 2 yellow to match the colours of the Glitch shoes. Then run wires up inside each leg of my jeans to the Lilypad and power supply mounted […]

Glitch and the LED Sneakers – Intro

I’ve been playing Tiny Speck‘s Glitch for the last six months. I don’t play much in the way of computer games these days – I don’t play MMOs and I run Linux so I don’t exactly have a bundle of games at my disposal, but Glitch is different. The game is a lot of fun, […]

The Art Of Marketing 2012

Nope, not a typo – an attendee survey just landed in my inbox and one of the questions was asking who I’d like to see speak at next year’s Art Of Marketing.

One of the comments I heard many times last week was “isn’t it odd there’s no women speaking here?”. If you assume that […]

The Art Of Marketing

On Thursday I was lucky enough to attend The Art Of Marketing conference here in Vancouver.

Not the sort of conference I usually attend, I’m usually found at the more technical conferences in town. But take a look at the speaker list: Gary Vaynerchuk, Guy Kawasaki, William Taylor, Mitch Joel and Avinash Kaushik. These guys […]

Beware Pooh The Destroyer

So I was talking the other day with friends about the prediction for The Rapture on Saturday. That would be Saturday just gone – the Rapture that didn’t happen. I pointed out that the prediction was based on religious numerology – you look for number patterns in things and assign meanings to them. The great […]

The Pierley-Redford Personality Test

Through my friend Steve, today I discovered The Pierley-Redford Dissociative Affect Diagnostic personality test.

Go and try it for yourself… it won’t take long & I’ll wait a minute for you.

OK. Interesting? Weird? Yeah, I’d probably agree with both those assessments.

My diagnosis came back as

“Quiet and very self-assured, you tend to keep […]

Where have I been?

Hmmm – where HAVE I been?

Well, the answer to that question is “right here!”. I guess the more accurate question is “what have I been doing?”.

One of the things I’ve been doing is restarting my homebrewing. It’s been going very well indeed – incredibly enjoyable work producing 4 batches of beer, 1 of […]