WordCamp Victoria 2013

January 12th 2013 is the date for next year’s WordCamp Victoria.

I’m a big fan of WordPress and I’ve benefited greatly from local events such as the Vancouver WordPress group and Vancouver WordCamp. I’m also a big fan of Victoria and, not having had a pint in The Swan (or The Bent Mast for that matter) for far too long, I thought I really should attend. I also thought it was about time I gave something back to the community and submitted a talk proposal. So here it is:

Session Title: Making Your Plugins Sparkle With AJAX

I’d like to propose a talk about using AJAX in WordPress.
I’ll talk about what AJAX is, a couple of places where you’ve seen it (surprise surprise… WordPress uses it), and why you might need it as part of your site.
Then I’ll discuss how you can integrate it into your WordPress website.
I’ll talk about the API functions that WordPress provides to help you do this and then (always a crowd pleaser) we’ll incorporate some AJAX into a WordPress site, writing code live on stage.

About Me:
Jon is a software developer with a background in corporate development – databases, multi-tier architectures and real-time machines that go ping. Having worked in the wholesale banking industry, it’s no stretch to say that some of your money has probably passed through his code at some time. These days he’s freelance and codes mostly in PHP, with which he has a love/hate relationship. He’s a proponent of WordPress’ capabilities as a CMS and uses it almost exclusively.

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