The Art Of Marketing

On Thursday I was lucky enough to attend The Art Of Marketing conference here in Vancouver.

Not the sort of conference I usually attend, I’m usually found at the more technical conferences in town. But take a look at the speaker list: Gary Vaynerchuk, Guy Kawasaki, William Taylor, Mitch Joel and Avinash Kaushik. These guys are all, every last one of them, giants of the online marketing world. You could easily stage a conference with just one of those speakers as a headliner, plus a handful of relative unknowns, and expect it to be successful.

The speeches themselves were all good… and some were truly great. Plus the host, Ron Tite, did an excellent job of engaging the audience with a mixture of marketing stories and humour. I’m not entirely convinced that someone who is already established in the online marketing business would have got their money’s worth from the information presented – but I think that can be argued about most conferences. Talking with friends of mine who do this for a living and were at the conference, they generally agreed but suspected that a lot of the audience were either managers or traditional marketing people wanting to break into online. However, regardless of whether or not you already knew the information that’s been presented, it’s always useful to have it reinforced. Plus the networking opportunities were also awesome. And, as one of a relatively small number of developers there, a lot of the people I spoke with were interested to hear a different viewpoint on the topics discussed.

I took notes through all five speeches but, given the mesmerizing nature of some of the presentations, the notes are short, bullet-pointed and bearing more than a passing resemblance to a drunken spider’s journey home from the pub. However, for those of you that couldn’t make it on Thursday, I’ll write them up and post them speaker by speaker.

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