Beware Pooh The Destroyer

So I was talking the other day with friends about the prediction for The Rapture on Saturday. That would be Saturday just gone – the Rapture that didn’t happen. I pointed out that the prediction was based on religious numerology – you look for number patterns in things and assign meanings to them. The great thing about numerology is that you can use it to predict anything you like. I joked that Winnie The Pooh contains a hidden subtext revealing that Pooh The Destroyer is about to come and inflict his wrath on the world.

It was suggested to me that the Pooh quote “When having a smackerel of something with a friend, don’t eat so much that you get stuck in the doorway trying to get out.” is a clear Rapture reference.

But the scary thing is that IT IS – and I’d like to prove it to you.

Firstly, look at AA Milne‘s prophetic sentence word-by-word. It’s a 24 word sentence so we’ll look at the first and second halves separately:

23 When		4
 8 having	6
 1 a		1
19 smackerel	9
15 of		2
19 something	9
23 with		4
 1 a		1
 6 friend	5
 4 don't	4
 5 eat		3
19 so		2

The numbers in the first column are the letter values of the first letter of each word (A=1, B=2, C=3 etc), the numbers in the last column are the lengths of each word.

Adding up the letter values you get 143. Adding those digits to each other gives 8

Adding the lengths of all the words in the first half of the sentence gives us 50.

Now let’s look at the second half of the sentence:

13 much		4
20 that		4
25 you		3
 7 get		3
19 stuck	5
 9 in		2
20 the		3
 4 doorway	7
20 trying	6
20 to		2
 7 get		3
15 out		3

Again, adding the letter values gives 179, adding those digits gives us 17 (Camping claims that 17 is a very important number representing heaven but personally I think he’s just a fan of one of my fave 80s bands), adding those digits again gives us 8. Again! Clearly 8 is a very powerful number in this prediction.

Adding the word lengths in the second half gives us a total of 45 letters.

Subtract the second half word length total (45) from the first half word length total (50) gives us 5. 5 is also a very powerful number in this prediction.

You’ll notice that if you add the values for the first letters of the odd words you get 177, adding those digits repeatedly gives you 6. Doing the same with the even words gives us 145, adding those digits gives us 10, adding those digits again gives us 1. Subtract the 1 from the 6 and… 5 AGAIN! As I said – another powerful number.

So… now we have a pile of numbers but what do they all mean? Let me show you.

Combine the 8 with the 5 to give us 85. Adding that to the year in which Winnie The Pooh was published (1926) gives us the year 2011. Freaked out yet? You should be.

Through symmetry, the 5 also represents the fifth month of the year. May. THIS MONTH!

But what day?? Remember the strong power of the 8? Count back 8 days from the end of the month and what have you got? Counting the 31st as 1, day 8 is Tuesday 24th.

So there you have it – when he wrote Winnie The Pooh, AA Milne clearly predicted the end of the world on TUESDAY 24TH MAY 2011. Hope you didn’t make any other plans for next week.

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