Preventable says “Be careful out there on Halloween”

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been watching with interest Raul‘s tweets about Preventable (‘The Community Against Preventable Injuries’ – a non-profit aimed at reducing the number of preventable injuries in BC).

I love what they’re doing… the idea that so many injuries are ‘accidents’ that just happen is rubbish and has annoyed me for a long time. “No – you crashing into the back of that car at the red light was NOT an accident. It didn’t happen ‘acidentally’. You hit him because you were driving too fast and/or not paying attention” etc etc. If people thought more about what they’re doing, thought about the risks inherent in their activity and took an extra minute or two to counter that risk then things would be much safer.

One of the things that Preventable point out is that the leading cause of death in BC for people between ages 1 and 44 is preventable injuries (notice that… I didn’t call them accidents). 1,200 people a year dead and 400,000 injured in BC alone.

Preventable’s big PR push at the moment is to get people to take care over Halloween. To be honest, Halloween is one of my least favorite times of the year. Probably a result of not having grown up here! It’s not the small children dressed up as princesses and pirates that annoy me. It’s not that I never get invited to the cool parties (this year’s an exception – more about that next week if I can rig up a costume at the last minute). It’s more the gangs of drunken teenagers roaming the streets and setting off fireworks. And yes, alcohol and explosives don’t mix… but they’re a harder audience to get to pay any attention!

Preventable’s been reaching out to the social media community recently. They have a great blog full of information on their website, they’re big on Twitter and yesterday they invited a gaggle of bloggers down to The Network Hub to communicate their message face-to-face (cos sometimes that’s just the best you know?) and hand out treats.

Yes, I went. Yes, I was bribed. Yes, this blog post is (partly) the result of their flagrant attempt to sway my judgment. An interesting evening was had in the company of some great Vancouver bloggers and social media folk. In the interest of transparency I should also point out that I profited from the evening to the tune of two plates of delicious sushi, a couple of handfuls of candy and a reflective trick-or-treat bag which has been passed on to a small child for use trick-or-treating – that’s one 6 year old who’ll be very safe out on Saturday night.

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